Wheel Alignment from Performance Auto Tech in Corpus Christi, TX

Learn about our wheel alignment services available in Corpus Christi, TX.

Have you noticed a change in your car’s performance? It may be an issue with your wheel alignment.

Even some common performance issues like reduced fuel economy or a noisy cabin can be caused by a poorly aligned wheel. Luckily, this type of auto repair is relatively easy to fix and can be completed within a day.

At Performance Auto Tech, our guaranteed wheel alignment services put the latest diagnostic equipment in the hands of experienced technicians. That means we can perform repairs and scheduled maintenance according to strict manufacturer’s standards — maintaining your warranty and returning your vehicle to the road swiftly and safely.

What is a Wheel Alignment?

Over time, normal wear and tear on a vehicle’s suspension can cause a car, truck or SUV to drive off center. A wheel alignment is a periodic diagnostic and repair that measures the angle of your tires as they turn on the road and adjusts that angle according to manufacturer guidelines.

If you notice that your vehicle is driving off center, vibrations in the steering wheel or that your fuel economy has worsened, these may be signs that you should ask a technician about your wheel alignment.

Here’s How it Works

To find the perfect alignment, our local technicians in Corpus Christi, TX will measure three key angles in your vehicle’s wheels: camber, toe and caster.

Camber. This is the inward or outward tilt of the wheels and is visible from the front of a vehicle. This type of misalignment can be caused by worn bearings, ball joints and other parts of the suspension that are attached closely to the wheels. In severe cases, the vehicle may look like it’s shrugging or leaning.

Toe. Toe or toe-in alignment is the angle of your tires viewed from above. Most vehicles should have a slight inward toe, meaning the front of the tire points towards the middle of the car. An off-center steering wheel can often be fixed by adjusting this angle.

Caster. Your caster angle is all about maintaining balance as you take tight turns and corners. This angle is difficult to recognize visually, but you can feel it as you drive. A positive caster can cause your car, truck or SUV to pull to one side of the road. A negative caster causes overly light steering that needs to be constantly adjusted to remain on-center.

How Often Should You Check Your Alignment?

Alignment recommendations will vary by manufacturer, but you should usually check your wheel alignment twice a year — once before and once after the winter season.

By checking your vehicle’s alignment regularly, you’re ensuring that the car is safe to drive on the road. This will also reduce wear and tear on other critical components like your vehicle’s suspension, tires and breaks over time.

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