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At Performance Auto Tech we pride ourselves on being Corpus Christi’s premier auto repair shop. Not only are all our Tech’s certified, but we also speak both English and Spanish. We are here for all your automotive needs, if you live in Corpus Christi, TX don’t go anywhere else. Come to the auto diagnostic experts and you’ll see the difference knowledge and experience can make.

So if you have noticed a funny smell coming from your engine compartment, vibrations in your steering wheel, or an overall drop in performance give us a call, stop on in, or conveniently schedule an appointment online for a time that works for you!

Check Engine Light Corpus Christi, TX

Everyone is familiar with the small yellow light on their dash that either says “service engine soon,” “check engine,” or it comes up as a small picture of an engine. These are known as your malfunction indicator light. The car’s computer is telling you that somewhere in the myriad of operations your car keeps in time there is something not quite right. When you come to us for auto repairs in Corpus Christi, TX we can easily read the trouble codes coming from your computer. Catching these issues early can be the most cost effective way to keep your vehicle maintained and at its peak level of performance.

Automotive Repair Corpus Christi, TX

Here at Performance Auto Tech we take care of you from start to finish, we employ the latest technology in the automotive industry to make sure that we can rapidly pinpoint the issue with your vehicle and then after confirming with you the services, you need/want performed, we back you with a 36,000 Mile / 36 Month Warranty.

We are fully committed to making your automotive repair experience the best possible so if you’ve had issues or concerns with your past auto repair shops please let us know because we are always looking for ways to improve our service.

So come to us for all your automotive needs, because we are your best choice for Auto Repair in Corpus Christi, TX. Can’t come in today? No problem, feel free to call with questions or you can schedule an appointment online for a time that works for you!

How Do I Tell If My Vehicle Needs A Tune Up?

Check your owner’s manual. Tune up intervals vary by vehicle. Many people assume a tune up will solve a drivability problem. That’s not always the case. Our experts perform a tune up verification to confirm that your car will benefit from a tune up. Your problem may be unrelated to a tune up and may need an engine diagnosis.

  • Tune-up verification
  • Replacement of spark plugs
  • Analysis of emission levels
  • Timing/idle speed adjustment (if adjustable)
  • Complete maintenance inspection

This service, like all services performed at Performance Auto tech, is advised based on your manufacturer’s recommendations, or as needed as determined by our inspection and based on industry standards.

Did you know that a regular tune up helps to prevent the vehicle from rusting, increase gas mileage and keep your family safe? Regardless of how busy your life gets, it is crucial that we maintain good technique when taking care of our vehicles. For this reason, it is crucial that we develop good habits like regular oil changes and regular tune-ups for our vehicles.

How often should you get a tune up?

We recommend that a tune up be completed at least once a year. When your vehicle is in for an oil change every 3,000 miles, this gives us a chance to examine the engine, the overall working of the vehicle, and, flush any fluids that are required to make the vehicle ride smooth and like new.

So whether you think your car or truck just needs a tune-up or that they’re might be a more serious issue, bring your vehicle down to Performance Auto Tech and have Benny and the boys check it out. Call or make an appointment today!

Make an Auto Repair Appointment

Contact us today to make an auto repair appointment. You can count on our repair shop for an honest and reliable diagnosis of problems and quality repair.

Services We Offer

General Maintenance
Engine Repair
  • Engine Repair
  • Engine Replacement
  • Engine Performance Check
  • Belt & Hose Replacement
  • Drivability Diagnostics & Repair
  • Fuel Injection Service & Repair
  • Fuel System Maintenance & Repair
  • Ignition System Maintenance & Repair
Transmission Repair
  • Transmission Service & Repair
  • New & Rebuilt Transmissions
  • Driveline Maintenance & Repair
  • Axle Replacement
  • Differential Service & Repair
  • Clutch Repair & Replacement
More Repair Services
  • Maintenance Inspections
  • Brake & Lamp Inspections
  • Fleet Services
  • Hybrid Services
  • Check Engine Light Diagnostics
  • Exhaust System Repair & Replacement
  • Custom Exhaust
  • Trailer Repair
  • Chassis & Suspension
  • Power Steering Repair
  • Body & Trim Repairs (Mirrors, Door Handles, Locks)
  • Power Accessory Repair
  • Battery Replacement
  • Wheel Alignment

Make an Auto Repair Appointment

Contact us today to make an auto repair appointment. You can count on our repair shop for an honest and reliable diagnosis of problems and quality repair.

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